Voss W Graham - Organizational Architect

Helping Business Leaders to Successfully Build & Grow their Business Enterprise

Developmental Opportunities

Making Business Growth Decisions

Every CEO and Business Owner has the desire to grow their business, yet, why do so many businesses struggle to Grow T...

$297.00 USD

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Soft Skill Coaching

Hello, my name is Voss Graham.Being a 43 year veteran in the Business World, I'm honored to have worked with Great Le...

$2,500.00 USD

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Three Games of Selling

The Ultimate Source for Learning How to Succeed in B2B Sales.Learn How the Three Games of Selling are Engaged in Eve...

$12.97 USD

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Courses to Help Grow Your Business Enterprise

Make Business Growth Decisions

Learn how to make the Right Decisions for Growth and Avoid Bad Decisions leading to Failure

Sell Like a Business Owner

Using Wisdom and Passion to Drive Successful Sales and Grow Your Business

Advanced Rapport Building

How to Gain Rapport with Anyone, Anytime & Anywhere.

Effective Communication for Results

Simple Process of putting "Effective" into the Communication Process and gaining productivity and RESULTS

Soft Skill Coaching

Discover Your Natural Strengths & Weaknesses to Business Relationship Success

Strategic Business Concept

Like an Architect, create Your Business Strategically to ensure Focus & Clarity for your Decisions, Strategy and Areas of Required Excellence